When The Alarm Bell Rings For Marriage Counseling

You should go for marriage counseling when you feel that handling the issues are beyond your control. Some of the reason why you should go counseling is:

  • You have started fighting with each other on the smallest issues.  Even a wet towel lying on a chair can result in a big fight. You hurt each other using verbal abuse and even seeing each others face or hearing the voice bring contempt.

  • You feel emotionally drained and do not feel any love for the spouse. In this situation there can be depression, and eating disorder, which can result in ailment like blood pleasure and Diabetes. To prevent it, it is better to consult a counselor.

  • You feel your partner were dead or you would be happy wit someone else. This is a dangerous situation which rings the alarm bell.  Because this is going to affect your sexual life also.  If the sexual intimacy is lost, it is better to call the marriage as over. So it is better to take counseling so that you can love your spouse as you love nobody else in the world.

  • Even if you are not ready to accept it, somewhere in your mind it sounds that there is really some serious problem in the marriage. You try to act normal in front of everybody.  But there is a volcano is seething in your spouses mind, hurt by some of your actions.  It is waiting to erupt any moment.  It is better to take counseling at this juncture than wait for an explosion that will embarrass you in public. 

  • You think it was a mistake to marry your partner.  The fight and the mental difference becomes so great that you loath seeing his face even.  You compare your spouse with other and find only faults.  Unlike in the early days of marriage when you thought that your spouse is the most wonderful thing to happen on earth.

  • And you feel your life is going nowhere. There should be a shared vision in family life.  After an argument you will find that your spouse does not share anything with you and the there is no control on the budget.  Until the Children leave the house, every moment is important to strategies and save money for the future.  During a marriage crisis life comes to a stand still.  Then there is immediate need of counseling

As soon as you get any of these feelings consult a counselor.  Most people try to fix it on their own.  But it is not possible because the passion between the two are lost, so what ever we try on our own we will not be able to fix the marriage.  We try to fix the marriage the way we want but our partner is already fed up with our ways. 

How long should a couple go to marriage counseling?
Marriage counseling is only for few days.  If after implementing all the suggestion given by the counselor you do not find any shift in attitude of you spouse. Then it is better to try something else. Go to a counselor who can give you suggest methods that you can implement on you own.

After all, a counselor cannot come into your home to make remedies for you problems. Even if you give up your counseling section, always keep on working the suggestion given there and work on it.  Often it happens, when there is an open argument if front of a stranger your spouse won’t forgive you for embarrassed caused.  So they will be reluctant to change. Keep loving you spouse and there will be calm after the storm, use that opportunity to apply all the remedies suggested by the counselor.