How To Prevent Children Of Mixed Marriages From Legal Issues

In a mixed marriage everything goes well until the decision comes on the religion that each of them should follow and in which faith the children should be brought up.  Many marriages end because they cannot agree on faith.  Initially people meet each other in public place where everybody looks alike.

But as they go into their private lives, each person has ideas, believes, and habits which are molded by the type of culture they are brought up in. If you are not deeply aware of your spouses culture, some kind of differences of opinion on rituals and customs will come up in your married life.  To protect your child from suffering the tension it is better to talk about it openly when you decide to get married. 

A Christian girl in the US fell in love a Muslim boy Asia.  At first everything was fine.  But when they contemplated marriage, the boy as the girl to convert to Islam, she was asked to wear a purdha and she was told will not be allowed to go for work. 

The girl ended the marriage at once. When you are in love with someone from a different culture it is imperative that you are aware of each others culture. Learn more about the spouse’s culture by reading books, contacting other people from the same community and visiting the partner’s family.  If you feel that you cannot adjust with the culture, talk with your partner.   If your partner is not that keen about following the culture, then you can think of getting married. 

After marriage you should strictly follow one culture. Decide whose culture and religion you are going to adopt and live according to that. The consequence of this shared vision you can experience in the long run. Then children of mixed marriage have a common problem that they lack a sense of belonging. 

A tree can grow only if it is properly rooted somewhere and nurture daily with water and fertilizers. In the same way the upbringing of the children should be rooted in some culture so that they get a proper base.  After they have been carefully nurtured and brought up they can be given the freedom to decide which culture and religion they want to adopt. 

I have observed that mixed marriages have been a success when one of the spouses gives up their own culture and adopt the culture and religion of their partner.  In such case the children are nurtured either in the culture and religion of their father and mother.  They have not doubt of where they belong to. They mix along with the main stream and the society also sees them as one among them.  

There is a saying that love is blind.  But I think love is overpowering.  When two are in love they are overwhelmed by the emotion of love and surpass everything that stand as obstacle and get married.  But when they are immersed in love, they should not forget the consequence of the action. In Indonesia, the child of foreign father is considered as a foreigner.  The children of mixed marriages are undergoing traumatic experience, because they do not belong anywhere.  In one case the child’s Australian father died, She in neither an Australian nor an Indonesian. 

When we think of the romantic aspect of marriage it is wrong to say that you should marry a foreigner only after knowing about the laws of mixed marriage.  But when we se the plight of the children who suffer now because of the imprudent acts of their parents it is painful.  Marry a foreign and have children only after finding out how you can avoid any kind of legal issues that can arise from having a mixed marriage.