Are Marriage Counseling Effectives

Usually people resort to marriage counseling when they find that the marriage is doomed.  Just like in a physical ailment, the best time to get the treatment is when the problems are in the initial stage. The positive outcome of the result also depends on whether you apply all the advices given by the counselor. 

I went to a counselor as soon as Jais decided to quit.  I wondered can marriage counseling really save a marriage. I took all the advice the counselor gave with an open heart and implemented it into my life.  Gradually Jais was also willing to come for the counseling. 

The counselor took individual counseling.  He asked me to be more diplomatic towards him and Jais was asked to be more romantic.  He asked Jais to tell me what he loved most in me.  We did as we were recommended.  And our relation took a turn for the better.  But as soon as our relation improved we forgot all the advices and we became our old selves.  This resulted in a major Crisis. I remembered the counselor’s advice once again and I applied it once again.  And again things became normal.

Will marriage counseling help: The Counselor can only give advice.  The rest is for the couples to do.  Any honest counselor will agree that it is difficult to patch up the differences if one of the partners has already decided to leave. Counseling to save your marriage produces result only if you follow his advice with an open heart.  There should be full faith in what the counselor is recommending. 

Though both the partners have to work to make the counseling a success, you can act first.  After meeting the counselor, you can convince you husband to follow the instruction so that the marriage doesn’t fall apart. Counselor use guidelines for treatment which have been used by their predecessor and they add their own intelligence, experience and creativity into it.  After all preserving marriage is art, so creativity is needed. And they customize it according to the need of every client.

Does marriage counseling help:  Marriage counseling helps, provided you go to a counselor who is well reputed and has good success rate in marriage counseling.  It is not the certificates and accolades that matter but his ability to understand the problem of the couples and prescribe remedies.  A counselor should be empathetic.  Once I went to a counselor who said that I should take a written statement from Jais that we will not fight anymore. 

And if he does I should file a case against Jais.  I thought about the advice and realized that if it was law that was going to bind us together then I better not stay married.  For me the love between a husband and wife should come from the well of the heart, otherwise it is not recommended to stay together even if it is for the kids.  Kids cant stays in a house were law binds them together. 

Children grow up healthy only when they see their parents love each other.  I abandoned that counselor and went to another who gave advices which suited my attitude and psychology. Nonetheless his advice worked and now Jais and I love each other more than before, our children are also happy.

Information about marriage counseling: You can access any kind of information about marriage on the websites.  To tell in brief marriage counseling is a tool to set the house in order.  There are a mushrooming number of marriage counselors with the growing number of divorces.  Before going to a counselor gather all information about him, make sure that he is an authentic counselor with good success rates. 

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