Prayers To Bless & Guide Marriage

Prayers are the most important thing in life.  Nothing can keep two people bound together for the lifetime if it is not for the prayer and blessings.  Children are a binding factor.  But, when the children leave the house, there is a vacuum, which can suck you out of the wedding bliss. 

Both individual prayer and prayers as a family is necessary.  The wedding in front of the altar is symbolic, significant and enlightening.  In front of the altar you take your spouse as your wedded wife or husband, by keeping God as witness.  God is Almighty so it is a big responsibility. 

You are given certain instructions to follow. Man is asked to leave his father and mother and to be one with his wife.  He is also asked to love his wife as he loves his own body. And a wife is asked to respect her husband and both are asked to submit to one another. If we take the wedding marriage prayers advice with an open mind you can lead a happy married life.

The advices given during wedding prayers are also the ways to save a marriage. If we follow the advice and put it to practical use, it gives marital bliss.  The God who gave wives to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, is giving us the life partner also.  He is the only one we can trust on in time of crisis. 

If we truly believe that God has brought you together, you can overcome any crisis.  While our friends can just watch to see what happens in our marriage, our God keeps company through out our crisis and see that our marital bliss is restored .

When Jais walked out of my life and everybody turned against me blaming me for the misfortune, I found solace in God. The 50 days lent was about to begin, so I decided to observe the lent with austerity. By Easter time I was united with Jais, and we both had changed completely. 

When I submitted myself to prayer and fasting, my mind and body got cleanses, I submitted myself to God, I asked him to use me according to his will.  I also decided to submit to my husband, to do all my duties as a wife & mother without making any complaints. Today we live a successful married life. 

Prayers teach us the ways to save a marriage:

Submit to one another: Prayers teach us to respect and accept one another as we surrender before God.  Prayers save us from the competition mentality.  If we think logically submission to something or somebody is servility, we should always hold our head high. But prayers make us sublime and humble. 

Love one another: Love is unconditional.  Love comes from God and we have to share it with every body around us.  God asks us to love our neighbor as ourselves.  We should be able to love our spouse as we love ourselves. 

The power of prayer: God said that wherever two or three people gather in his name, he will bless the gathering.  At home it is important to pray together as a family. And you pray for one another.  God hears our prayer when we pray for others.  Prayer lightens our heart when we unload our burden in front of God, and also there is also a spirit of camaraderie among the family members. 

Prayers should be read out from books and also we should make individual personal prayers.  Sometimes some feel reluctant to make loud prayers because of the vulnerability but you can gradually try to change it.  What is important is that you pray. Nothing is more important than God. 

Besides education and proper upbringing the only thing that you can give your children is the habit of praying.  It is going to be handier than anything else in their life.