How To Be Prepared To Save Marriage During The Empty Nest

Our children are God’s gift to us.  Within a blink of an eyelid you will see you child become a man.  You are so busy petting and pampering the only thing in the world for which you are ready to sacrifice. You cannot believe that your child has grown up. One day all your children leave the house and your nest is empty.  It is an unbearable situation.  The changes can also affect he marriage

Many divorces take place after the children leave the house. The reason they give is that they are unable to cope with ailments, and after the children left they realized that the only thing that kept them together was the children.  When you undergo this crisis you ask yourself how do repair my marriage.

To prevent this crisis from happening you can take some precaution before itself:

Spend sometime for both of you everyday: We think that when our children are growing up they will feel hurt if they are left alone and you spend time with each other.  On the contrary the children will be only happy to see their parents loving each other. They learn to love others from their parents.  You should also spend time to do activities that you love to do together.  This will help when the children leave the house. You will be happy in each others company. 

Plan a trip: After the children leave the house, the emptiness in the house is unbearable.  The relation between you two will sour, because you are free and you do not know what to do with the time left.  Plan a trip for a week to some tourist centers and rekindle the old flame the love that you were not able to express because of the hectic schedule of office, kids and church. 

How to better your marriage?

Think of the good that are going to happen since you are free of any responsibility. Now that you are free you can engage more in social activities.  By taking part in social activities you will be busy as well as doing something worthwhile. Since the kids are independent you will have more money. Use it to help other and also to fulfill your dreams of building a house or buying a car.  Husband and wife will have to make a new equation between them.  Unlike in the early years of marriage now you won’t be craving very much for your spouses presence with you. Socialize with different group this will help you to remain in the main stream of life. You might have given up the idea of nurturing your talents. This is the right time to start learning that.

Plan for the future: Plan for the new responsibilities that you have to take up when you have grand kids.   Now that the kids are independent, you will have more spare money.  The household expense also comes down.  Save all the money you have and both of you should have a shared vision of how to make use of the money.  Think of the happy days you will have when the kids are married and you have grand children. 

To make this period of empty nest happy happu, your early days in marriage should also have been happy.  You should have budgeted the income and share the responsibility to care for the children.  Thus when you are free of any responsibility you look back and are satisfied with your achievements of having a beautiful house and wonderful kids.

When the kids are still with you should remind each other that a day will come when the children leave and it will be only two of us. This will give you more energy to face the situation.