The Advantage Of Marriage Counselling

Marriage is a defining moment in a person’s life. It has sanctity around it, so it should be approached with reverence and dignity.  In a marriage alliance one has to learn with live a partner for the whole life.  Living with the life partner is not difficult because you live with the person you love.

Marriage brings with it differences of opinion and fight, which is part and parcel of the every day life. Today people are not able to handle the small difference of opinion. When there is an argument they think their marriage is doomed.  The institution of marriage is treated with impudence. The free thinking and free living attitude has resulted in more divorce. Couples walk out of married life with relative ease as they buy disposable goods form the market.

 How marriage counseling helps: The importance of marriage counseling is increasing day by day.  When people get married they do not know what they are up to.  It is fun.  Couples look for adventurous marriages, marrying under water and in the mid-air.  Meticulous planning is done to make the marriage celebrations an immemorial affair.

The marriage does not last as much as the memory of the celebration survives. More importance should be given to the ceremony, and each step into married life should be made with utmost care. Parents should advice children to enter married life with prayer.  Unfortunately, the whole world is immersed in glitter and glamour.  Couples change partner with the same laxity of changing their clothes.  In this situation the relevance of marriage counseling is substantial.  Before marriage it is important to take the couple for counseling.  In most cases the couples realize the responsibility they are entering into. 

Does marriage counseling help or hurt: Marriage counseling does more harm than good.  Marriage is a difficult thing.  When it becomes difficult to handle the issues of kids, money, career etc one of the partners will approach somebody else for advice. It is better to take professional counseling because they are trained and experienced to give advice on family matters.  It is easier to talk to a counselor because you feel safe in confiding your secrets in them.   

You can also interact with other people who are undergoing the same tension. Thus you can take mutual support from them.  Counseling helps to realize the strength and weakness in us.  We can improve our strengths and become a better human being.  Counseling hurts because when people approach a counselor they think the marriage is about to be doomed. Counseling sections can be painful because spouses expose their negative opinion about each other.  This is a painful situation.  Some go to a counselor hoping for instant mending of their grievance.  Unfortunately, counseling can be successful only over a period of time.

Pros for marriage counseling: Marriage counseling has given new hopes to dying marriages. Individually when a couple looks at the marital disharmony, thinks that this kind of conflicts is unique to their family.  But, in a counselors office when they see and hear the kind of fiction that happen in other families they will be happy for having a wonderful family.  At home you will be wounded by the hurting remarks mad by the couples and it might result in reduced self-esteem. 

But, a counselor can help you regain your lost self-esteem and advice you methods to restore peace in the family.  Marriage counseling helps you understand your spouse better.  It will train you to look at the positive qualities of the spouse rather than blaming them for not possessing certain qualities.   It will train the spouse to respect and honor one another. Counseling also make them understand the power of submission and not entering an argument, to build a successful family life.