Win Her Heart If The Wife Refuses Marriage Counseling

If your wife shows unwillingness to come for counseling it can be because she doesn’t think that the situation is so worse as to meet a counselor, or she fears what she has will be asked by the counselor, or she is giving you a silent treatment for settling scores against you.  The intimacy between you two has worsened to such an extent that she doesn’t feel that counseling will make any difference. In any case you have to find means to make her talk about the crisis and how it can be overcome.   

Women in general prefer to go to a professional marriage counselor who is well experienced in handling all kind of marriage disputes.  She feels that he being a professional will keep the secrets to himself.  They do not like to go for counseling to the church priest or to an elder in the family because of the fear that the counselor would rebuke them for the crisis. 

Even if you take her to a councilor she would not open her heart. She has come to the councilor only to please you. It is not necessary that she should be taken to a counselor.  You can consult a therapist alone. What ever remedy the counselor says you can come home and implement.  The result will be slow because first you will have to convince your wife about the benefits of marriage therapies and the importance of saving the marriage.

To win her heart shower as much love on her as you can.  Love is the Panacea to win your wives heart and to save the marriage. Buy her the thing she likes best. A way to a woman’s heart is through showering gifts on her.  Thus, she understands that you still love her and understand her likes and dislikes.  Women are like butter which melts easily when heated.  Recollect the first days of your marriage when you knew exactly what the other person wanted.  Find out her hot points and overwhelm her with your love.

Women were considered as the weaker sex. Today they equal men in all spheres of life.  But inside the homes men still try to dominate women.  They do not listen to the opinions of women. This is quite painful for women.  It is demoralizing.  There is a saying that if a man is educated only he is educated.  But if a woman is educated the whole society is educated. Listen to what she has to say.  Consider her opinions and give it due importance. 
Do not insult her in public:  Sometimes after a good in the house the husband tries to embarrass her in public.  The husband makes fun of her poor cooking skill; he highlights all her negative qualities.  He thinks by doing so he is earning sympathy for himself.  But in fact, those who listen to him blame him for being a rude husband and the sympathize for the discord that exist in the family.  In front of others only talk good of your wife. 

Love, listen and no leg pulling in public are the three magical words to a women’s heart.