Separate For A While To Save Marriage

You realize how important some things are for you, in the absence of that thing. When there is no water you understand the importance of water in your life. In the same way sometimes it is better to stay separate for a while to find out how indispensable you are to one another. 

My husband Jais and I used to fight when we stayed together.  When I decided to go to my mother’s home for my first delivery, Jais was very happy. He told everyone that he was going to enjoy his bachelorhood once again.  When I packed my bag to leave he cried like a baby, he understood that I was indispensable to him. 

But I decided to go since in the small town that we stayed the medical facility was inadequate. The four months of separation that followed was an eye opener to both of us.  I missed him a lot, when the baby kicked in the womb; we decided to have the baby together, not there to feel the beats of the little life that was forming in my womb. It was a period for retrospection. We realized how much we wanted each other and how to deal with each others draw backs. 

How can I save my marriage with my wife?  To save marriage with your wife you can plan to stay separately for a while. It need not be a forced separation; you can go to a distant place as part of an assignment.  The period of separation will make you realize how important you two are to each other.  While staying separate keep communicating to each other through emails, letters and telephone. The communication should be romantic as during the dating times.  Non-communication will sever the relation while constant communication will increase your yearning to meet each. You will think of each other more, and think of ways to make the other happy.  Thus a period of separation can culminate in lifelong marital bliss.

How to fix a failing marriage:  when your marriage is failing you can always opt for new strategies to fix the marriage.  Staying separately is a viable option.  But it need not be that you two stay separately.  In some cases the couples might be staying with the parent of one of the spouse.  The constant strain in relation with the in-laws can be a main reason

For the tension that arises between you.  Some say that it is impossible to save money when the elders are around. May be the intrusion of the old couple into your private matters is affecting you relation with your spouse.  It is advisable to stay separately from your parents, So that you understand each other better.  It will be easier for you to budget your income also. You can maintain a good relation with your parents by visiting them regularly and helping them financially if need arises. 

How to make my marriage better: To make your marriage better try to understand and love each other better.  If you cannot grasp the meaning of understanding each other, it is advisable to stay separately for a while, the vacuum that you feel inside you, your yearning for your life partner are all known as loving each other. 

Marriage should come before kids, find time to spend with each other; so that you can talk openly with one another and spend time doing activities that you enjoy doing together.  When we talk of staying separately we first think of the kids. We think that our kids will be psychologically affected by the change. On the other hand, children will be happy to see their parents happy together. That will shape their personality.  Just as a healthy mind grows in a healthy body, a healthy child can grow only in a healthy family.