How To Save Your Marriage When You Have Been Unfaithful

How to repair marriage after cheating: Unfaithfulness is a situation which is very difficult to overcome.  It depends on the mentality of the spouse whether you are able to restore your marriage once again.  One of the core factors on which a marriage survives is faith, when the spouse indulges in infidelity the faith is lost. 

After committing infidelity the first thing you should do is talk to your partner and ask for forgiveness.  To forgive a cheater takes a large heart and lot of time to think. The other is dealing with you the intruder who was the companion in the affair. Avoid that person and never see.

How to save our marriage after an affair? There can be 3 different actions to be taken.

Short term solution with the spouse:  The spouse will be in a shocked on hearing about the affair.  Give them some time to think and reach a solution. There is no use making calls or pleading to take you back.  This period is important for your spouse to evaluate the whole situation and reach at a conclusion. It will take one day to a month. You should continue to show love. May be the spouse would leave you and stay somewhere else.  If you bond was really strong before the affair the spouse wont leave. Wherever the spouse goes or whatever the spouse does keep in touch. When finally you feel your spouse has come out of the situation you can start the second stage of the repairing. 

Long term solution with spouse:  Once the spouse has come out of the shock, you can start talking.  Tell that you are really sorry and the mistake happened in a God forbidden moment.  Tell that you confessed the mistake because you are faithful and do not want any secret between the two.  The spouse might shout in fits of anger, do not try to resist it.  Let the anger subside then you can discuss why this mistake happened.  It might be because of some flaw in your relation. You might have got something from the partner infidelity which you could not get from your married life.  Open you heart about you and talk about needs and aspiration, so that your spouse can satisfy your needs and you do not go wayward again. Do not be worrying about how to repair marriage after cheating.

Dealing with the partner in the affair: The partner in the infidelity might be your colleague, your friend or even a relative.  Do not keep any kind of contact with that person. Even if the person tries to contact you stop them harshly.  And it would be better to change the office.

How to better your marriage after an affair

As your wife has adjusted to the situation do everything you can to bring your life back to the same happy days.  Do not argue with you spouse on anything. Pray to God that you are kept away from temptations. And they should make trips for them alone and find some happy time together.  This will help them understand each other better.  The spouse who cheated must learn to communicate with the spouse.  If they have any unsatisfied need they should tell that to the spouse and find a solution.  If suppressed emotions resulted in the infidelity then the spouse who cheated should make corrections in the behavioral pattern so that you are able to properly communicate your needs.

How to save a marriage after infidelity? Go for counseling together. It is important to take counseling because infidelity and its aftereffects are a sensitive issue with psychological impact on both the partners. The counseling can be done individually or in a group.  Even if partners forgive each other and are happy to stay together they will have obstacles in sexual intimacy there can be some obstacle.  The spouse gets the feeling that the body which was her is no more her.  Again it can lead to fiction, so it is essential to council especially on sexual matters.