Marriage Counseling By Phone

Marriage counseling by phone is the easiest form of counseling.  It has many advantages. Though the success rate of telephonic counseling is less, it is more convenient and favorable form of counseling. 

No time constrains: Many people give up the hope of marriage counseling because they cannot find time to go to a counselor’s office. In telephone counseling the advantage is that you can talk to the counselor any time and also through conferencing you can keep your spouse connected through phone.  And the counseling can go on for 45 minutes to one hour.  This makes the ordeal easier for the couples. 

Personal embarrassment can be avoided: When a well-known figure goes into a counselor’s office he or she will be noticed by others. It is embarrassing and also hurts their reputation.  In the clinic the spouses have to look at each others face and speak against one another. This is a painful and hurting because you will hear allegations from your spouse that you have never heard of before.

Low fees: Since the counseling is through telephone the fees structure are also relatively low.  And you do not have to pay for fuel or conveyance. You do not have to pay extra money for baby care. So you can save a lot of money.

Helps to connect with your spouse: One of the reasons for divorces is the lack of time to time to go for counseling. The   counseling through phone can take place any time.  So when you are on a long trip you can call your counselors for advice. If there is conferencing facility on the phone you spouse can also come on line and you can talk to your spouse bringing back the lost intimacy between you. 

Convenience:   To go for counseling in the office of the counselor you have to sacrifice a lot.  You have to compromise on your office which can result in you losing the job.  But since in the telephonic   counseling physical presence is not needed you can take up the counseling which ever time is convenient to you. 
There are some disadvantages also.

Lack of personal touch: To learn about a person completely it is necessary to have a personal touch.  We can learn about a person in detail only if you see their posture, the gestures and their look.  And when you get counseling in a place with positive energy it produces better result. The marriage counselor’s office is decorated with positive images and energy filled quotes and pictures.  If you counsel through the telephone you talk at a time when you are at leisure and there is no sense of urgency, the counselor also may not be at the best o his moods. You call from your home which is a place filled with negativity. So no matter how powerful the counseling is it would be very difficult for the whole message to pass to the other side. 

 Lack of authenticity:  Any body who has good communication skill and has some hand on experience in marriage counseling can suggest remedy for any type of marriage crisis. Even if you go in person to a counselor it is difficult to find out if the doctor is authentic or not. So the task will be more difficult to detect that over the phone.

Telephone counseling has more advantages than disadvantage. Now a days as video conferencing is also possible telephone tends to become the best for of counseling. With the present busy life of the people it is the most convenient form of counseling.  As more and more people availing it, in the long run the disadvantages will be overcome to produce better results.