Needs And Techniques Of Marriage Counseling

In marriage counseling the couples are either treated alone or together.  They are treated using different techniques. Most popular techniques are the Psychodynamic approach, systems approach and client-centered therapy. To do the marriage counseling it is important to locate a good councilor or a team of councilor who have reputation and good success rate. 

Most common specific psychological diagnoses in marriage counseling: The common diagnosis is the lack of communication between the spouses.  They do not open their heart and talk.  They do not speak or listen properly to what their spouse is communicating,
Another fault is the expression of emotions which can hurt the partner.  Anger is a very dangerous and destructive emotion.  When the spouse in hurt you must understand the situation and take steps to heal the hurt.  If the hurt is not treated it will turn into the dangerous emotion of anger, which is a damaging emotion.  In another approach the unresolved conflict between the two are identified.  Their needs, aspiration and motivation are also taken into consideration. 

Marriage counseling techniques: Various methods are used by the therapist for the treatment.  The Psychodynamic approach is used when the reason for the conflict is unresolved need and aspiration of the spouses. Each person’s dreams and personal history form the base for treatment in this method of treatment.  The treatment that follows does not take into consideration the dreams or the personality of the couple but how they interact with each other.  There family is also made a subject of study to find out whether there interference is hindering the communication between the couples.  The couples are treated individually and together. 

Another important therapy is the client centered therapy.  Here emphasis is given on the intercommunication skill of the couples.  Here they are taught to talk it out with the partner and to let each other know about every movement they make each day.  They are asked to keep in touch each through email or phone.  They are trained to improve listening skills, because in marriage listening is more important than listening.  They are told to be faithful, have integrity, and be truthful and honest.  In marriage absolute faith is need in each other.  Two people live together their whole life so their relation should be transparent. 

In yet another approach couples are made aware of their destructive habits which play a crucial role in destroying the relation.  Their behavioral pattern is traced and they are trained to achieve positive, healthy and fruitful interactions.

How to do marriage counseling: The first step to marriage counseling is to identify how serious is your marital discord.  Then find out which type of counseling you would like to undergo. A variety of marriage counseling options are available like undergoing counseling in some counseling centers,  counseling through telephones or emails and free counseling. Then locate a well reputed counseling centre with good success rate. 

Both you and your spouse should take an appointment meet the counselor. If your are not able to convince your spouse, then you make the start. You meet the counselor and discourse about your discord.  The counselor can suggest methods to bring your spouse to counseling.  In some case, if you are in the initial stage of discord you can possibly make a change in your family by applying the advice given by the counselor.

But in more serious situation it is necessary to take the spouse also.  Beside, if you have the strong desire to save your marriage you will be able to convince your spouse also.  

Discords happen because of problems on both sides. So, both should make it a point to go for counseling, so that the counselor is able to identify the weakness on both sides.