How To Save Your Marriage By Finding Your Lost Love

When one gets married there may be many reasons to get married.  It might be money or physical attraction etc.  In the long run everything will be over except love.  And when love is lost from the marriage it is worth not staying together. 

But, there is a difference between worldly things like money and beauty; which cannot be created according to our desire.  Beauty can be lost if your face is disfigured by some disease and money is not easy to come.  Love on the other hand comes from God.  Gods gives it to us and we have to share with everyone around us. Love is to be expressed by our action and words.  To love others we should have humility and unselfishness.

So if you are worried about how to save your marriage because you fear Love is lost, remove the fear from your mind and start loving your spouse.  First you can pretend to love your spouse and then love will flow naturally.  There is a Chinese story of a daughter-in-law who wanted to poison her mother-in-law because of the harassment the old lady was causing on the young wife of her son.

The daughter-in-law went to a doctor and said she would like to poison her mother-in-law. The doctor, who was a clever person, gave the young lady a medicine and said “if you give all the poison and kill you mother, people will doubt you for being a murderer. So you do one thing- mix a little of the poison in her food every day to slowly kill her. But you have to follow one condition when serving the food.  You mother-in-law will be reluctant to eat the food you make. Call her with love and don’t fight with her.  Anyway the old lady will die in a month.” 

The young lady followed what the doctor said. But it so happened that after two week the daughter-in-law felt guilty for contemplating the murder.  She had really started loving the old lady since the old lady did not fight any more.  In the same way the old lady started loving her daughter-in-law. There was peace in the house. The young lady went to the doctor and said she did not want to kill her mother-in-law now that she has started loving her.  On hearing this doctor said that the old lady will not die as he had actually given a vitamin powder and not poison. 

The moral of the story is that you can love your worst enemy, if you decide to do so.  In a married life you two were already in love and had dreams to stay together till death.  Find out where you have lost your love instead of asking to ‘help save my marriage.’

How to fix my marriage: To fix your marriage remember the happy days when you spend time together enjoying each others company.  Recollect all the activities you two enjoyed together.  And spend time with your spouse enjoying doing those activities.

How to repair a marriage: There may be some actions of yours with which your spouse got annoyed. Do not repeat those actions and upset your spouse. 

Listen to what your spouse has to say and accept it.  When you listen it shows you love and care for the person.  Reach at a mutual decision regarding all crucial matters in the family.  For e.g. decide together where you will buy your house, though there may be differences of opinion on the style of house.  And when you commit a mistake be ready to acknowledge it. Instead of using the blame game, accept the fault that is in you.  When you learn to forget and forgive each others mistake, and start enjoying working together as a team, you will find your lost love and you can save your marriage.