Kinds Of Marriage Counselings

Counseling literally means advice given by experts and professionals. With the growing number of divorces and the complication involved in it, professional marriage counseling has branched out. Couples go for counseling to resolve their differences and to renew a happy married life.  There are many types of marriage counseling. We will discuss some of the important type of marriage counseling as it involves.  

Some couples think the problems that annoy them will go away as the time passes by.  But in most cases it is not true.  Counseling is a good option for fighting couples as they do not listen to each other, it is better to listen to an expert’s advice.  When they come is front of professionals they are willing to listen and implement what is said.

Basic counseling for couples: Couples who need some basic advises on how to deal with family matter can take basic counseling.  Basic counseling is also useful for couples who have minor differences of opinion and they think the hell is breaking lose on them.  Basic counseling experts can deal them with relative ease. 

Licensed professional counselors: These are trained counselor who can deal with more complicated issues in marriage.  They treat the couple with specialized programs.  The different types of programs involve:

  • Couple counseling: Here counseling is done for both the partners together.  Both of them are told to state there differences and the councilor suggest ways to solve the differences.

  • Individual counseling: In some cases individuals are counseled separately because they are unable to speak about their problems before their partners.  The counselor meets the participants individually, to suggest methods of remedy in private.

  • Group counseling: Group counseling is given along with individual counseling for couple and individual counseling.  Here the participants are given group discussion and lectures.  They learn how to communicate better and also know that there are also other people undergoing the same experiences.  They learn different methods to solve their differences by talking to others. 

Marriage therapies:  The spouses have to undergo medical tests to check their physical conditions.  Sometimes other tests are to be conducted to determine the cause of lack of sexual intimacy.  The couple might be sent to dieticians also.  They are sometimes suggested various exercises to improve their health conditions. 

Credit counselors: Middle aged couples fight over kids, money and career.  To resolve the crisis they can resort to credit counselors who can suggest them methods to manage and invest their money better. Especially when they do not have any saving and have to live from pay checks to pay checks.  Career counselors can also double as marriage counselors to solve the career problem the couples are facing. 

Mental health counselors: Psychological test and remedies are suggested in certain cases if their mental state of mind destroys their family relation.  Some behave badly because of the traumatic situation they underwent in their child hood, or because of some phobia that has ensnared them.  Some may be mentally not sound, this can only be verified by a mental health counselors. 

Internet counseling: There are counseling kits available on the internet which can be availed on making a payment. Many people have benefited from that.  Here the couple and the counselor keep in touch through emails and telephone calls. The advantage is that the couple can select a good counselor by checking on the websites.  And it is not necessary to take an unwilling spouse to a counselor; you can do the counseling sitting at home. 

Counseling through phone: The couple can keep in contact with the counselor through phone.  Only if deemed necessary they should visit the counselor in person. 

There is no such thing as free counseling.  You have to pay to get a credible counseling. To get free counseling it is better to take counseling form you loved ones like your parents, elder or friends. If you go to Churches the preacher will give you free counseling.  Anything good comes with a price tag.  But it is worth to take a profession marriage counseling than destroying your married life.