Saving Your Marriage Counseling

Sometime back I read a joke in a magazine.  A little boy saw the wedding pictures of his grandfather and grand mother and asked why grandmother is taller than grand father.  She said that their marriage was a marriage of convenience.  The bride’s father had lush green field and the bridegroom had cows.  All marriages are marriages of convenience, though it may not be as forthright as this one.

Man and woman compliment each other.  My friend Anna is a writer, a good house maker and sensible in spending money.  Her husband is a marketing expert, runs away from responsibility and a spendthrift. Together they make an ideal couple.  Ten years into their marriage, they have two lively sons, a house in an expensive city and a successful career for both.  Every couple has complimentary values, like the finger print which in unique for each person.

When two people come together with different capabilities they create a synergy.
Both have qualities with which they can help each other grow.  In Europe there is a cave were an ugly, old beast and his beautiful young wife lived happily for a long time. Newly wed couples visit the place so that they understand that marriage can survive in the weirdest situation.

To live a happy married life is so simple…………..yet so difficult. In the coming articles we will discuss how to save marriages or how to survive the difficult day and enjoy marital bliss.  We can discover our own cows and grasses.