Principles Of Christian Marriage Counseling

Christian marriages have spiritual purpose. The relation of husband and wife is compared to the relation between God and Church.  God is the head and Church is the body, in the same way husband is the head and wife is the body.  The head is the leader and the body should submit.  In the Bible it is said that husband and wife should submit to one another.

Christian marriage counseling gives a purpose for the union of husband and wife which different from what a secular counseling has to offer.  The number of divorces has shot up in this age of liberalism, where men and women can interpret freedom according to their whims and fancies. The consequence of the interpretation is right in front of us.  Now the discord between husband and wife is increasing.  Everybody interprets their rights and forget the fact your right to freedom ends where the other person’s nose begins. 

Here is the relevance of Christian counseling where the Christian way of marriage is advocated.  I am a living testimony of what the secular thinking can do to a marriage. My marriage was on the verge of collapse, we both fought for our right. We did not want to share responsibility and tried to thrust it on the other’s shoulders.  Gradually the rivalry became unbearable. I went for Christian counseling. There I recalled the vow I took in front of the altar- to love my spouse as my own body.  If I love my spouse as my own body I wouldn’t want to hurt it.  I learned to submit to my spouse.  It was a new beginning with prayers and directions.

How to save marriage Christian:

Renew your Church vows: Remember the vows you took in front of the altar- to submit to one another and to love your spouse as your own body.  Love is unconditional. God has given us Love in plenty we should learn to share it with others.  If we submit to one another we will not have reasons to fight. Because whatever hardships we undergo we consider it as the will of God.

Pray together: Religion based marriage counseling give emphasis to prayer.  Pray along with the whole family. Pray out written prayer as well as personal prayers which are said loudly. When we pray our personal prayers loudly we are involving our spouse and family members to pray for us.  It is said in the Bible, if two or three people gather anywhere and pray, I will be there in your midst. So combined prayers brings more blessings. 

Trust in God:  When Jais decided to walk out of my life I was devastated.  But I decided to take a Christian counseling.  My Christian counselor asked me to observe the fifty days lent with prayer and piety.  At first it was painful because Jeff never communicated with me. But my rigorous prayers gave me the strength to bear the hurt. 

By the y 25th day into the fast, Jais called, he wanted to come back to us.  There is no other tool as the real prayer that comes straight out of the heart. .  Trust in God, if he has brought you together, he has a plan behind that. Live like an ideal husband and wife, following the church vows.  God will surely bless you.

In Christianity there is a belief that the devil is always trying to enter our lives and hinder progress.  So lead a life of prayer and enjoy marital bliss. Nothing is possible without God. Instead of blaming each other, place all the troubles with God.  Because everything happens with his will.